Marko Rupnik is already planning to leave Rome. The Aletti Centre will follow him.

🇮🇹 Nessun timore: al Centro Aletti si fanno già gli scatoloni

“Because of his stubborn refusal to observe the vow of obedience”, Marko Rupnik was dismissed from the Society of Jesus.

These are the opening words of the Society of Jesus’ communiqué announcing the Slovenian Jesuit’s resignation from his order. It is not, therefore, a resignation for sexual, psychological or spiritual abuse. It is a resignation for disobedience. The two things are quite different.

Father Verschueren, who is not known in the news for his clarity and transparency, speaks of “numerous complaints of all kinds”. What this expression means, only God knows. What is certain is that in Via Paolina no one has given in to despair, on the contrary, everyone is in good health.

In fact, the members of the Society of Jesus who are with Marko Rupnik in the Aletti Centre, have already asked to also leave the religious order and follow their guru.

Discharging Rupnik from the religious order without dismissing him from the clerical state was clearly the greatest gift that could have been given to this person. In recent months, following the denunciation of Silere non possum, disturbing aspects of this man’s life have emerged. The artist never fulfilled his vow of poverty and the Society of Jesus never saw a euro of everything he earned from his works. On the contrary, the law stipulates that the religious’s income must end up in the Order’s coffers, not in his own current accounts.

The accusations against him show that even the vow of chastity has gone out the window. And the choice what is that? They relieve him of all these vows.

Yet, it seems that the only vow respected is that of obedience to the Pope, the famous fourth vow of the Jesuits. Rupnik, in fact, was not reduced to the lay state by the express will of Jorge Mario Bergoglio, who has taken a clear position for some time now. Rupnik is innocent!

For this reason, having resigned from the Jesuit order, Marko Ivan Rupnik will have no problem finding a bishop to incardinate him. In fact, the Slovenian artist has already “set to work” and is planning to bring his entire creation to Croatia, to the Archdiocese of Split-Makarska.

It will be followed by all those who belong to the Aletti Centre, both lay and religious. It remains to be seen whether Bishop Želimir Puljić will be so shameless as to welcome such a reality. It will only depend on one person: Pope Francis.

As Silere non possum had written some time ago, the attitude of the members of the Aletti Centre makes it clear what Marko Ivan Rupnik’s way of governing has been over the years. The sectarian attitude is confirmed especially at such a dramatic moment.

Once again, therefore, Francis shows that there are ‘sons and stepsons’, and even the Society of Jesus appears like Pontius Pilate. The much-vaunted ‘zero tolerance’ towards those who commit abuses, in reality, is just a showcase on which some are beginning to feel ashamed even to mirror themselves.


Silere non possum